Welcome to Little Martha Brewing! We’ll always be pouring a rotating cast of our own beers, brewed fresh right here in the back of the arch, plus a carefully curated selection of guests. These change all the time, so to see what’s on tap right now have a read of the boards above the bar!
Draught is available in Pint, 2/3 and 1/2 measures.

Our Beers

Mysterious Interglactic Object – 4.5% NZ Pale
New Zealand pale hopped with Enigma and Pacific Gem, crisp and easy drinking with flavours of white wine and berry fruits accompanying a little caramel sweetness.

Halo Orbit – 5% Session IPA
Smooth US hops bring juicy flavours to accompany a light pale body.

Stout – 5%
Straightforward, traditional malty dry stout.

Chasing Pulsars – 4.5% Farmhouse Pils
Pilsner malt, Kveik yeast and a light helping of citrusy hops make this a real thirst-quencher.

Trousers of Time – 4% Hazy Pale
Soft and full of flavour, our hazy session pale takes a regular dive into the trousers of time – will a trip down the wrong trouser leg lead to different hops and a new combination of flavours?

Neighbour We Left Behind – 6.2% Tea IPA
Take a West Coast IPA and cold steep with tea, bringing refreshing notes of orange and bergamot.

Spacetime Foam – 3% Table
Light and smooth yet full of tropical flavours, a full bodied beer that’s low in ABV.

Quantum Fluctuation – 5.9% IPA
We took the smooth body and hop flavours from our table beer, and turned it up to make a classic full strength IPA.

Silhouette – 5.2% Black IPA
The fruity hops we all know and love with dark malts adding a hint of roastiness and beautiful dark colour to this deceptively fresh take on the IPA.

Single Hop IPA – 6% IPA
Keeping the same malty base and changing hop each brew, our Single Hop series of IPAs showcase the wildly different flavours and aromas hops can bring.

Not in the mood for a beer? No worries! We’ve got a wide selection of other drinks and snacks: